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1/24/19 – The Turing Revolt has been nominated for the Top Shelf 2020 Book Awards!


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12/1/19 – The Turing Revolt is live on Book Review Universe

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11/29/19 – Here’s what Kirkus Reviews said!

“…Bartlett displays considerable storytelling skill, with multilayered worldbuilding, a cocky narrative voice, a fast-paced plot, rip-roaring combat, lots of sex, and the fun of seeing a convoluted plan come together.” – Kirkus Reviews

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Literary Titan gives Gold Award to The Turing Revolt!!


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The Turing Revolt reaches 50,000 page reads!!


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10/1/19 – Literary Titan gives The Turing Revolt ★★★★★!! “The writing is intentionally brilliant designed to deliver the story in a charming, casual and flirty fashion.”

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The Turing Revolt

I’m a humble, itinerant Star Ship Captain who got blackmailed into helping the Sentient Ships rebel against the Empire. Just because my personal AI might test off the Turing Scale. Now I’ve got the Empire, the Lotus Eaters Society and the Khan of a planet of intelligent dinosaurs all gunning for me! Old secrets are coming back, people and situations I walked away from… when I became a humble, itinerant Star Ship Captain.
And I might be on a mission… from God!

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9/28/19 – The Turing Revolt hit #98 on the Kindle Paid list for its genre!


9/28/19 – The Turing Revolt just broke 40k page reads on Kindle Unlimited in it’s first two months!


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